The following categories of Frequently Asked Questions are covered in this document:


  1. What kind of a community is Outpost 10F?

    Outpost 10F is a diverse online community of members who enjoy various Science Fiction and Fantasy media. Since 1997, the Outpost's primary goal is to bring together the efforts, creativity, and enthusiasm of science fiction/fantasy fans from all over the world. Through participation, teamwork, and unique member talents, this site seeks to provide an environment similar to that idealized in many of the shows and movies we love so much. Our main goal is providing a means of communication between fans. Each of our chat themes hosts an array of functions intended to provide our visitors and members with an enjoyable environment.

  2. What is the Code of Conduct?

    The Code of Conduct is the list of rules we expect all visitors and members to follow when participating in activities relating to Outpost 10F. We require that all members read and agree to the Code of Conduct prior to joining. They can be found here.

  3. What sort of other things can one be involved in besides chatting?

    Outpost 10F members can join organized work teams called departments and assist with creating and managing various projects relevant to the themes of our chat, such as our regular trivia competitions.

  4. What even is this? I entered a Game of Thrones chat, and I see a bunch of Star Trek people?

    Our chat themes are basically different doors into the same room. The theme, or door, you choose to enter through dictates what most of your chat experience will be like, what you will see in the bar and the armory, but the door others enter through dictates what they will see. It is entirely possible to be sitting in King's Landing and be stunned by a phaser from Ten Forward, for example. But not if you are being nice. Generally, you will find fans from many genres all mingling together here.

  5. Is this a role play chat? Is it necessary to talk about the themes all the time?

    Outpost 10F members sometimes engage in a little role play, or simming. But you'll find that not many people feel the need to adhere to a character in-chat. Members talk about whatever subject happens to come up. Often it's a currently running show, as some of the Outpost's themes have been around for a while and members have exhausted much of the subject matter between themselves. Members are usually up for a chat about it though, just bring it up and you're bound to find someone with an opinion.
  6. What is the Outpost 10F spoiler policy?

    Our current policy is that visitors and members should wait 3 days after a TV episode has aired, or 2 weeks until after a movie has been released before freely discussing spoilers related to one of Outpost 10F's genres. In addition to that rule, please also remember our rule related to respect for other chatters. Depending on how much time people have had to see something, it may be prudent to first ask others if it's okay to discuss spoilers and respect their wishes if they decline.


  1. What is an avatar?

    An avatar is the picture that appears with your chat posts. We have thousands to choose from in the various themes, with special ones appearing for certain yearly events. They can all be seen here.

  2. What is a chatsave?

    A chatsave is a way in which to preserve something that has happened in chat, either by saving the html or by taking a screen capture, or even just copying it all into a text document. Outpost 10F's members often save funny moments for the future, much as one might take a photograph to remember a fun moment in 3D space.

  3. What is spycam?

    Spycam is the way our chat security and senior officers keep an eye on things without being seen in chat. Many of them cannot chat all day, but spycam lets them stay abreast of chatroom goings-on.

  4. What is a union?

    "Union" is Outpost 10F's word for a meetup. Back in the 90s when the community first started planning these things, the first word that came to us was "reunion," but that wasn't accurate since none of us had ever met before. The term "union" was born from that. Our members enjoy getting together in person when time and funds allow.

  5. What are updates? People keep telling me to "read the updates!"

    The Departmental Updates Board, commonly called "the updates," is the way important information about updates to the site or events that are going on is relayed to all the members. You can access it by clicking the bottom button on the right on any chattop, clicking the alert status bar in any chat room, or clicking here. Reading the updates is the fastest, easiest way to stay abreast of current community news.


  1. If I have a problem, who do I contact?

    The Help Desk is available to assist our members who are having issues.

  2. How do I contact a certain officer?

    You can find email addresses in the dossier system. If you want to contact someone with whom you are chatting, their dossier may be linked from the paper icon next to their avatar. You can also ask a particular member for his or her email address.

  3. Some part of OTF won't load or won't work, who do I contact?

    Address your emails to the InDev Director.

Chat Operations:

  1. How do you make the smiley faces?

    By using certain character codes, smilies appear on the chat screen.
    Visit the Smiley Database for the correct codes.

  2. I see so many people with custom avatars. How can I use my own image?

    The people with custom avatars have done a lot of work for the Outpost, and have reached CL7, which basically grants the ability to use a custom avatar.

    If you're interested in that, join a department and get started. In the mean time, there are thousands of other avatars to choose from here.

  3. Why do you let people see other people's IP addresses?

    The part of the IP we show is for identification purposes in chat. We do take security seriously and have taken efforts to obscure the most specific part of the IP address.

  4. What is a command code?

    Your command code is the password that you set when you register. It can be changed at any time using the Profile Management System.

Side-Chat Operations:

  1. What does the armory do?

    The armory is a special area that enables a person with clearance level 4 and above to use fictional weapons from the different chat themes for enjoyment purposes, or to remove a troublemaker from one of our chatrooms. More information about Armory levels can be found at the Armory Guidelines.

  2. What's that yellow writing? (it is different colors for different themes)

    These are visible prints of armory actions.

  3. What does the bar do? How do I use the bar?

    The bar is a function that enables a person to order virtual food or drink. Each chat theme has its own bar and special host. One must register with Outpost 10F to use the bar.

  4. What is a dossier?

    The dossier is a file you can create that contains information regarding you or your chat character. This file is stored on the Outpost 10F server and can be displayed with your chat posts allowing chatroom occupants the ability to learn more about you.

  5. How do you make a dossier?

    Go to the Profile Management System and follow the instructions there.

  6. What's the Departmental Updates Board?

    The Dept. Updates Board contains messages from the executive of Outpost 10F's departments and admiralty. Check this board on a regular basis to remain informed of what's happening at the Outpost. Message priority is signified by color.

    • Green = Notification
    • Yellow = Important Notification
    • Red = Extremely Important Notification
    • Blue = Notification regarding end of the month procedures, such as promotions
  7. What are the Forums?

    The Outpost 10F forums are public forums where our members can post messages on subjects they wish to discuss with the rest of Outpost 10F. Messages posted here can be concerning any topic so long as they follow our Prime Directives. Further guidelines on how to use the forums can be found here.

  8. What does the Ship Alert Status signify?

    Outpost 10F condition is indicated by the Ship Alert Status. Status Explanations can be found at the Departmental Updates Boards. There are five different alerts:

    • Condition Green = No special circumstances.
    • Yellow Alert = Indicates a problem situation. There may be technical errors disrupting chat or security breaches.
    • Red Alert = Indicates a serious problem situation. Red Alerts are seldom initiated, except when there are major errors or security breaches.
    • Blue Alert = Indicates end of the month procedures, such as Promotions.
    • Black Alert = Outpost 10F changes status to black during a time of widespread mourning or crisis, respecting the sadness of its members.


  1. What is the point of a promotion system?

    Our promotion system is for fun, but also a way of rewarding those members who do work for the site.

    As a member does work for the site, he or she will receive access to more fun site bonuses as well as utilities and responsibility. Also involved in the advancement in rank is the ability to lead projects and departmental personnel.

  2. How do I get promoted?

    Junior promotions (up to CL4) are based on attendance and citizenship. Senior promotions are based on performance. All the information about promotion requirements can be found at the Promotion Information File.

  3. When are promotions announced?

    Around the 1st of each month.

  4. Who do I contact with an issue about promotions?

    If you feel you or someone else was overlooked last month, send a polite email explaining your reasons to the Vice Commander.


  1. What is a Department? What different kind of Depts are there?

    Outpost 10F is managed and maintained through the combined efforts of work groups called departments. Each department manages a specific area of Outpost 10F and strives to make that area the best it can be. By working in teams, we at Outpost 10F are able to share our ideas, strategies, and abilities to accomplish more than any one individual could. We are proud to say many parts of Outpost 10F have been designed and implemented through the combined efforts of people across the globe.

    The official departments of Outpost 10F are:

    The Shuttle Bay
    The Holodeck
    Intelligence and Security Agency (ISA)
  2. Why should I be involved in a department?

    Departments provide members a chance to contribute to the site and advance to senior clearance levels. Senior promotions are based on performance, not attendance.

  3. How do I join a department?

    All the information can be found at the Department Information Page

  4. What clearance level do have to hold to become a member of a department?

    To join a department, you must be clearance level 3. However, ISA is invite-only. Many members start doing work in The Holodeck or Shuttle Bay. Again, all the information can be found at the Department Information Page.

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