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Step 1 of 4 : Prime Directives

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To begin the registration process we first ask that you read through and agree to comply with our community and chatroom rules, from this point forward known as our Prime Directives. Once you agree, please press the proceed button to continue with registration.

  1. The Outpost is an assembly of a diverse variety of individuals, with a large variance in cultures and lifestyles. However, everyone has in common his/her humanity. Practice the 3 R's : Respect for others; Respect for self; Take Responsibility for your own actions.
  2. No excessive swearing is permitted.
  3. No sharing of command or clearance codes.
  4. No discrimination of any kind is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to Race, Gender, Religion, Nationality, Ethnicity, Sexuality, and Political views.
  5. No sexually suggestive material is permitted in any way, shape or form in the Outpost.
  6. No harassment of fellow officers of any kind is permitted. This includes, but is not limited to e-mail harassment, external harassment by offline means (i.e. stalking, hacking, or any other criminal activity), and sexual harassment (any sexual innuendos that are NOT reciprocated or appreciated by the other party).
  7. All work for Outpost 10F by its members is the property of the site and cannot be used on any other site without the explicit written permission of the creator and Outpost 10F.
  8. No flooding of the chatboards, i.e. no repetitive posting of messages.
  9. No impersonating a fellow officer. In other words, do not purposely attempt to act as another officer through duplication or equivalencies of name or rank.
  10. Outpost 10F is not responsible for the comments or actions of our chatroom visitors, or the content of external sites linked to by our members.
Outpost 10F recognizes and guarantees the right of free speech to all its chatroom visitors as long as their comments and statements abide by all the Prime Directives stated here.