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Just What Are They?

To improve effectiveness and efficiency of all operations, Outpost 10F is managed and maintained through the combined efforts of various work groups called departments. Each department manages a specific area of Outpost 10F and strives to make their area of expertise the best it can be. By working through teams, we at Outpost 10F are able to share our thoughts, ideas, strategies, and abilities to accomplish more than any one individual could. We are proud to say many parts of Outpost 10F have been designed and implemented through the combined efforts of people across the entire globe.

To maintain a high level of coordination and teamwork amongst our diverse membership, Outpost 10F's departments are composed of personnel from all of our site genres. Currently this include Star Trek, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings personnel.

The official departments of Outpost 10F are:

Entertainment Network
Intelligence and Security Agency (ISA)

In addition to our five official departments, Administrations is responsible for all upper-level management, site development, and long term planning. Administrations is composed of the following groups:

Executive Council
Internal Development

Departmental Structure

Each department is composed of three executive officers. The Senior Manager is the departmental leader and makes all final decisions within the group. Two Assistant Managers aide the Senior Manager with the day-to-day management of the personnel and projects within the department.

The executive officers are responsible for coordinating the efforts of their department in addition to playing a role in the overall development of Outpost 10F. This includes personnel and project management, project and opportunity planning within their respective department, and actively participating in site-wide discussions for decision-making.

Departments are generally composed of several teams. Teams focus on specific work areas within the department. It is common practice where personnel of one genre are teamed up together in such teams.

There is also more detailed departmental structure information available for reading.

So, How Can I Join a Department?

All officers with a rank of at least CL3 are encouraged to apply for a position within a department. Senior promotions (CL5 and above) are based upon performance within such groups. For this reason it is important junior officers become involved if one is interested in becoming a senior officer. Officers who hold the rank of CL2 are only permitted to join a department if they have the explicit invitation of the department Senior Manager. To apply for a position within a department visit the department's homepage (links and descriptions below), read the information which is available there, and then apply using the method specified on the page. NOTE: Some departments are NOT open to applications - ensure you read the descriptions before you visit the homepage.

The Departments

Department of Communications
The department of Communications is responsible for communicating information and material to both internal and external personnel. Communications staff take the lead promoting and advertising Outpost 10F, assembling our yearbook, and writing our monthly newsletter.

Department of Engineering
The department of Engineering works to create and implement new files, programs, and images for Outpost 10F in addition to providing tutorials and manuals on web technologies for our membership. This department consists of individuals who have had experience in web development and are motivated to use their talents to improve Outpost 10F. Knowledge required would include one or more of the following: HTML, computer graphics, programming languages (PERL, Javascript, Java, Flash, C++, Pascal, WAP, PHP).

Entertainment Network
The Entertainment Network is responsible for coordinating and managing the entertainment related aspects of Outpost 10F. This primarily includes trivia, gaming, and simming.

Intelligence and Security Agency (ISA)
The ISA is composed of an Intelligence Team and a Security Task Force. Together, ISA officers work to ensure a safe and secure environment at Outpost 10F. This includes the extermination of any potential threats (both internal and external), termination of any inappropriate behaviour or material, enforcement of Outpost 10F Prime Directives, and protection of all chatroom visitors.

Administrations is composed of managers and coordinators who oversee and regulate the high-level operation of Outpost 10F. Most of the administrators have at one time or another successfully led a department. Administrations is made up of these functional groups:

Executive council
The Executive council is responsible for managing all day-to-day aspects of OTF. Tasks include collecting promotion recommendations, generating promotion lists, managing Command Code Database access privileges, managing department senior managers, managing project ID lists, and finding ways of improving the effectiveness of site operations. The Executive council is composed of the Commander-in-Chief, Vice-Commander, and the managers of all other groups in Administrations.

Internal Development
Internal Development works to improve site files and scripts. This group concentrates on designing and implementing new systems and managing currently existing ones. Members of Internal Development are experienced OTF officers who have had sufficient training/background in technical issues and web development.

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