Prime Directives

The Prime Directives are the rules we expect all visitors and members to follow when participating in activities relating to Outpost 10F. Before one may join Outpost 10F we require that one reads and agrees to all ten of the Prime Directives stated below.

  1. The Outpost is an assembly of a diverse variety of individuals, with a large variance in cultures and lifestyles. However, everyone has in common his/her humanity.
    Practice the 3 R's :
    • Respect for others;
    • Respect for self;
    • Take Responsibility for your own actions.
  2. No excessive swearing is permitted.
    • Practice common sense and self-respect when chatting in an OTF chatroom.
    • Keep the vulgarity to a minimum.
  3. No sharing of command/clearance codes.
    • Never give out your Command/Clearance Code under any circumstances or you will be demoted or even suspended.
    • Anyone found using unauthorized ranks will automatically face suspension or demotion.
    • If you feel the security of your command code has been compromised, please contact the ISA Director.
      NOTE: no authorized OTF staff will ever ask you for your command/clearance code.
  4. No discrimination of any kind is allowed. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Race
    • Gender
    • Religion
    • Nationality
    • Ethnicity
    • Sexuality
    • Political views
  5. No sexually suggestive material is permitted in any way, shape or form in the Outpost. This includes:
    • Dossiers
    • Link material
    • Chat behavior
    • Taglines
    • Handles
  6. No harassment of fellow officers of any kind is permitted. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • E-mail harassment.
    • External harassment by offline means (i.e. stalking, hacking, or any other criminal activity).
    • Sexual harassment (any sexual innuendos that are NOT reciprocated or appreciated by the other party)
    Those that are harassing other OTF members shall be reported to the ISA Director or Conflict Resolution.
    OTF has a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy towards harassment. If the offense is occurring offline, the proper authorities will be notified immediately.
  7. All work for and by OTF members for OTF is the property of Outpost 10F and cannot be used on any other site without the explicit written permission of the creator and Outpost 10F.
    • Hence, all OTF pages are copyrighted.
      Any member found "stealing" work for use on other sites will be, if found guilty, demoted or even suspended from the Outpost.
    • By submitting/creating original material in an OTF related endeavour, the owner of the basic intellectual rights to that creation allows OTF to use said material, and continue to do so even after he/she has left the community.
    • OTF reserves the right to edit/modify works submitted by the creator.
  8. No flooding of the chatboards, i.e. no repetitive posting of messages.
  9. No impersonating a fellow officer, either by misusing his/her handle, title or a combination thereof.
  10. Outpost 10F recognizes and guarantees the right of free speech to all its chatroom visitors as long as their comments and statements abide by all the Prime Directives stated here.
    • Please note that Outpost 10F is not responsible for the content of external sites, linked to by our members. For example, in members' dossiers. In the event of a serious complaint against dossier content, please contact the ISA Director.

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