Armory contest results!

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  • Posted By: Tyler 'Brent' Shadow (CL7)
  • Posted On: 2020-08-23 21:33:19
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And now for the armory results!

We also had a Greedo bullying shooting contest! We have three separate categories for this: Total number of shots, quickest shot, and cleverest shot / bar orders / whatever in relation to Greedo being in the room. Here are the results!

Total number of shots
Keith - 11
Michiel - 4
Pheebs - 3
Brent - 3
Naberrie - 1
Steph - 1

Quickest shot
Keith - 6s
Brent - 6s
Michiel - 9s
Pheebs - 12s
Naberrie - 16s
Steph - 17s

Cleverest shot
This award goes to Michiel. He shot Greedo once for Greedo having Michiel as his running mate, stating it was not acceptable for Michiel to not be the "big cheese". Greedo came back with Michiel as the "big cheese," whereupon Michiel blasted him again, stating he cannot handle the responsibility of being the "big cheese."
Runner up goes to Pheebs for ordering Greedo a delicious barrel of w00tstout intsead of shooting him.

Big thanks to everyone who exercised their trigger fingers for this one! Keith takes two of the three categories, and Michiel takes the award for cleverest shot!
Now let's give poor Greedo a break for a while. If you see him around, buy him a drink at least before you shoot him. Until next time!

CL7 Tyler 'Brent' Shadow