Anniversary Events!

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  • Posted By: Tyler 'Brent' Shadow (CL7)
  • Posted On: 2020-08-01 05:57:09
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Hello friends! The anniversary month is upon us! In the spirit of years past, we are going to run a couple of events in the weeks leading up to the anniversary, which will be celebrated on 22-23 August this year. With that in mind, here is some more information:

Starting Monday 3 August, keep your eyes open for special agents of Spectre who may be stopping by to ask you trivia questions! We have an inside source that tells us they will be stopping by at 8pm UTC and 8pm PDT, although they may make other surprise visits! In a departure from your typical trivia, these points will be tallied throughout the entire event and a winner will be crowned at the anniversary celebrations. Points will be awarded for the first correct answer, as well as any silly answers the Spectre Agent likes.

Also! That pesky Greedo has been seen lurking around the Cantina. Keep your eyes open for him and shoot him on site! Awards will be given for the quickest shot, and for the most creative armory usage against poor Greedo. Get your trigger fingers ready!

May the Force be ever in your favor!

CL7 Tyler 'Brent' Shadow