March Issue Of TBR

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  • Posted On: 2019-03-04 16:10:00
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Guess who's back, back again? Tell all your friends... We're back again!

Hey guys!

We're back with another issue of The Blue Report! It's a very exciting issue! Why? Oh because... *drum roll* The Blue Report has received a make-over! Yay! Thanks to a combined effort of Leslie/Wyvern, Mashed Potatoes, Katrina, Al, and myself The Blue Report is looking pretty spiffy right now! So at the very least go check that out.

In this month's issue you will find articles written by Mashed Potatoes, Keith Is Brilliant, Mr. Numbahs, Sasha_J, The Bridge Crew, Nathalie, Leslie, and myself! With a variety of articles it is our hope that there is something there for everyone to read. And feel free to leave comments on the articles! We love it when you do!

A big thank you to DARTHYOGI, one of our newer members, for taking the time to leave comments in the last issue!

Without further ado! Go check out the March Issue of The Blue Report!!

Thank you,
CL7 Carol

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