General ST Trivia Winners

  • Priority: Green
  • Posted By: Carol (CL7)
  • Posted On: 2019-01-19 21:06:29
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After boldly going in to a blackhole the USS Trivia pulled through and set course for an interesting event....

After waiting an extra 15 minutes to allow more people to show up for the General Star Trek trivia things got underway. Our first real point went to returning member, Alice Ellen Hook. From there Keith took the reigns to show us that he knows everything about Star Trek while managing to not be nerdy. Along the way to crowning a trivia master there were spookyfish floating and laughter being shared! It was indeed like a Rhapsody sung by a Borg wearing green!

Now on to the important part! The points are as follows....

Real Points:
Keith - 6
Jade - 3
Alice Ellen Hook - 1
Robert - 1

Silly Points:
Tyler - 9
Nathalie - 9
Tanya - 8
Robert - 6
Jade - 4
Michiel - 3
yes man - 3
Jadzia Jaxx -3
Alice Ellen Hook - 3
Keith - 2
Sasha - 1

Thank you everyone for coming out to play today! Your participation is valued. A special thank you to Professor Who for hosting and Professor Why for writing the questions.

Until next time,
CL7 Carol