TBR: From a Time Long Ago...

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  • Posted On: 2019-01-05 03:53:04
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Here ye', here ye'!

Ladies and lords! We are, once again, proud to present this month's issue of The Blue Report! You may now cheer with joy.

Our scribes and mystics have told many a tale. Upon this written scroll of spider silk there be a tale for one and all! So come in, take a seat, rest for a while, and give it a read...

In this issue you will find that we have a couple of special guest writers! Tyler 'Brent' Shadow and Keith is Brilliant have both written articles for The Blue Report! So be sure to keep an eye (or two eyes) out for their articles. This issue also includes several interesting articles from our regular writers. And of course the monthly Fandom News From The Web!

So basically... If you're interested you can check out the newest issue of The Blue Report over here!

CL7 Carol
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