Sasha_J (CL3)
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NameSasha_J (CL3)
Quarters Location >>No quarters available. Obtain quarters >>
ResidenceNearest storage locker that is warm
AffiliationStar Trek
StatusExtended Leave
Registration Date2019-01-14

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The Holodeck[Events]

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CL2 with Honors2019-02-01>>

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PromotionCL1CL2System (CL1)2019-01-14
PromotionCL2CL3Katrina (CL11)2019-03-05

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More about Sasha_J (CL3)
Hobbies and InterestsAnimals, Crafts, Drawing/Painting, Reading, Running, Sewing
My Favorite ColorsPink, Purple, White, Yellow
Pets I OwnReptile/Amphibian
Sports I Participate InBadminton
Type of Person I AmDomestic, Evil, Feminine
Types of Books I LikeClassical Literature, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Horror, How to/Self Help, Mystery, Science Fiction
Types of Food I LikeChinese, East Europe, Fast Food
Types of Movies I LikeAction/Adventure, Biography, Classical Literature, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction
Types of Music I LikeBlues, Classic Rock, Country Rock, Punk, Soul

Additional Information
I appolisge if i cause offense to anyone. I do not mean to come across as silly or ignorant of others and things in this universe. as with all things my life is a never ending learning experiance. I am sorry if my spelling is nto the greatest in the world I am dislexic and sometimes struggle to spell words. I sometimes use a loud personality as a front for my lack of self confidents. I often get irrated with others the best thing to do is speak to me calm and colletively I can not argue with logic if I understand it. As quick as I annoy people Iw ill often appolisge if i am inthe wrong

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